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The Butcher's Finest

You've asked and we've listened! A variety of mouth watering grass fed beef steaks prepared for the grill master in you. Shop The Butcher's Finest!


The Cattleman's Collection

Our Wagyu fanatics are sure to love this collection of Wagyu beef steaks cut to perfection. Check it out here.


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Our best-selling bundles of online Grass-fed Steak and Beef, Wagyu Steak and Beef, Free-Range Pork, Alaskan Salmon, Free-Range Chicken, Grass-fed Ground Beef provide between 10 and 32 pounds of protein. That’s between 30 and 115 servings per bundle. Healthy and convenient…a better way to eat. HarvestBox connects you to the farmer who raised your meat.

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Your HarvestBox will ship using FedEx Ground service in an insulated box with dry ice to keep the meat frozen until it arrives at your door. Individual meat packages are vacuum sealed for freshness and labeled with the cut name. Shopping with HarvestBox is happily hassle-free. Our Farms. Your Family. Free shipping means you can skip the grocery store lines and purchase all your meat cuts with a few clicks of a button. Our bundles of beef, pork, chicken, and salmon can be ordered conveniently and delivered right to your home or office.


What people are saying about harvestbox


"The website is user friendly and the pages about your family Farms are warm and refreshing. I'm excited to have such variety and look forward to trying everything."


“It was important for me to feel connected with the farmer that raised the meat. The website and printed materials in the box feel personal and made me feel like he raised it just for me.”


“I was expecting a small package. Blown away with the cool packaging and amount of beef. Can’t wait to get grilling Wagyu burgers this weekend.”


“My box was waiting for me when I got home from work. The dry ice was gone but the meat was still frozen and looked great.”


“I used the FedEx tracking tools and followed my box to my front door. I like how the meats are already sorted in bags and the package labels are easy to read.”


“I love the handy inventory list that was in the box. I hung it on my freezer to keep track of what cuts I’ve cooked so far.”


Welcome to the highest quality grass-fed beef available. Thoughtfully raised, straight from our farms to your family, our grass-fed beef is the best you'll ever taste in a variety of cuts your family will love.

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buy Free-Range Pork online

Flavorful and tender, just the way it should be. Bring home our free-range pork knowing our farmers have invested in healthy, sustainable food your family will enjoy again and again.

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Buy Free-Range chicken online

Free range chickens mean happy and healthy chickens. We conveniently package breasts, drumsticks, wings, and thighs that are ready for your family's favorite recipes.

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buy wagyu steak & beef online

Wagyu steak & beef in the tradition of the finest. It's free of antibiotics and growth hormones and offers superior taste and high marbling that will make you the "master of the grill" for three counties.

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buy wild Alaskan salmon online

Wild Alaskan Sockeye salmon, flash frozen and vacuum sealed the same day it's caught for the perfect gourmet meal. Omega-3 oils and essential nutrients for healthy living that's a regular family favorite.


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buy GRASS-FED Ground BEEF online

We've packaged our best selling grass-fed beef in convenient one pound packages and pre-made patties that are ready for the grill. Grab the spatula!

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now offering samplers!

We now offer sample boxes with available cuts from our family farm partners. It is a great way to test drive the HarvestBox experience if you haven’t tried us before. Selections vary based on supply from our family farm partners so what is here today may not be here tomorrow. Get your sample box today!


Thoughtfully Raised

For HarvestBox and our family farm partners, "thoughtfully raised" means bringing you a better way to eat. By connecting you to the farmer who raised the food in your freezer, you can be confident in knowing where your food comes from. You can feel good about investing in both your family's health and our sustainable farming methods.



At HarvestBox we would never sell a product that we wouldn't be proud to serve our friends and family. Our mouth-watering collection of grass-fed steaks and meat have been carefully selected with our farm partners to provide you with the ultimate in healthy and delicious meats for your table.