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4 Reasons To Try Bison For A Tastier, Healthier Meal

It can be a struggle to find meat products that are both delicious and healthy. Grass fed beef has proven to be both tasty and good for you, but sometimes it's nice to have more variety when it comes to meat.

Luckily, there are many health benefits of bison. Bison has been a popular protein in recent years because of rich flavor and low saturated fat. But what are some of the other health benefits of bison you can expect when you buy bison meat online?

On average, Americans eat up to 66.5 pounds of beef every year. Bison often has fewer calories and less fat compared to beef. As an excellent source of lean protein, it wouldn't be surprising to see bison eventually replacing chicken as America's favorite protein.

Here are four reasons to buy bison online rather than searching your local store for beef that has the lowest fat content.

1: Bison meat combats inflammation. Bison meat contains selenium, which acts in a similar way to an antioxidant. Selenium prevents the oxidative stress that can cause cellular damage and inflammation.

2: Bison boosts your heart health. Bison meat can reduce the inflammatory and oxidative stress response that happens when you eat a poor diet. As a result, your blood lipid level becomes healthier and the effects on your cardiovascular functions are reduced.

3: Bison is a good source of vitamin B. Vitamin B is essential for cognitive health, metabolic functions, and keeping energy levels high. Bison is a good source for vitamin B2 and niacin regardless of the cut of meat you receive.

4: Bison is high in iron. Low iron levels can make you feel fatigued and can even keep you from donating blood. Bison meat is high in iron, which can help with energy levels that can sometimes drop when eating a healthier diet. Try making it a meal by pairing bison steaks with iron-rich veggies like Brussel sprouts or spinach.

It can be challenging to find fresh, organic, and healthy food in your local grocery stores. With Harvestbox you can get all the health benefits of bison, grass fed steaks, and Alaskan sockeye salmon right at your doorstep. To learn more about buying salmon online and other types of healthy meat, contact Harvestbox today.