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A Few Tips to Help Bring Your Smoked Salmon to the Next Level

If you're a fish lover, you know that smoking is one of the best ways to prepare wild caught Alaskan salmon and preserve its natural flavors. But if you want to learn how to cook wild caught salmon with this method like a pro, you'll likely need a little bit of guidance.

Fortunately, you've come to the right place. In this blog, we'll throw a few excellent tips for smoking salmon your way so you can get to creating this and other wild salmon recipes like a pro. Let's get started!

What You'll Need To Smoke Salmon

Some of this equipment might sound a little bit obvious, but better to be over prepared than not have exactly what you need. Whether you're buying wild caught salmon online or fishing for it yourself, these are the essentials that an expert salmon smoker calls for:

1. The Right Smoker - No matter the equipment you use, a smoker should allow you to know your smoking chamber's temperature and control that temperature with the utmost precision

2. Wood - Some excellent choices include alder wood, apple, cherry, oak, and maple.

3. Salt - It's all about the flavor! A coarse, non-iodized salt will work best here.

4. Sweetness - Any kind of syrup or sweetening agent will do wonders for your smoked salmon flavor.

5. Large Plastic Containers - If you want to try more than one brine at a time, then large, easily stackable plastic containers should be your go-to.

Hot or Cold Smoking?

There's been some debate about the best way to smoke different types of salmon. Some experts believe cold smoking delivers better results, but according to Honest Food, the majority of people living in salmon country actually prefer to hot smoke their fish. The results of each type of smoking are actually quite different!

Cold smoking produces salmon that can be thinly sliced; it's the type of salmon you find when you order lox. Hot smoking, on the other hand, creates a beautiful, flaky salmon that melts in the mouth. No matter which method you choose, make sure you understand the results you're striving for!

Americans might eat 66.5 pounds of beef annually, but there's no denying that wild salmon is a truly popular dish. Considering the lengths people take to ensure an excellent smoke, there's no question that this dish and other wild salmon recipes are on the rise.