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A Friendly Guide To Food Trends Delicious and Ridiculous

Over the past several years, food, drink, and diet fads have consumed popular culture. Celebrities, Instagram influencers, your neighbor, your mom, everyone has a new thing to try. In fact, there are so many of them and they change so often that keeping track can be a little overwhelming.

We think it's great that people are becoming more diet conscious and looking after their health, where their food is sourced, and the like. A mere few years ago, people didn't care that grass fed beef offers a higher amount of Vitamins A and E, wild salmon recipes weren't regarded as any better than a fish oil supplement, and free range pork (or anything) was a term reserved for finicky eaters. We're going to clear the air on a few diets, obsessions, and trends that you might've heard of recently.

Keto Diet

This one has been increasingly popular recently. The Ketogenic diet is known for lowering carb intake and increasing healthy fat consumption, sometimes referred to as the low-carb high-fat diet. The reasoning behind this is that when your body is starved of glucose from carbohydrates, you enter a metabolic state beneficial for weight loss, controlled blood sugar, and increased energy. Plus, it's a safe way to drastically reduce carb sugar intake. Those wild salmon recipes and grass fed steaks would come in handy here.

What's Matcha?

People are putting matcha in everything now, even things that have no business containing matcha. Before signing onto the matcha craze, what is the stuff? Matcha literally translates to "powdered tea" and is exactly that. Instead of green tea in the bag, the green tea leaves are finely ground into powder and mixed with hot water. This way, you're actually consuming the leaves, rather than steeping and discarding. It's a traditional tea process that we've since taken to adding liberally to everything we can.

The Air Diet

Yes, you read that correctly. The Air Diet, which almost causes involuntary laughter, is no laughing matter. This diet promotes the idea that people can lose weight by doing all the things up to actually eating food. Playing a mental trick on the body in place of proper nutrition. Born from the fashion industry, this "diet" has been known to cause unhealthy weight loss, food aversions, and even anorexia. Living proof that all diets are not beneficial to your health.

Now that you've seen a small picture of dieting, it's important to look into trends before subscribing to them. Your nutrition and health are incredibly important. No weight loss or body image goals should come between being healthy. Whether trying new wild salmon recipes, playing with matcha, or chuckling at the latest celebrity fad diet, remember that your health comes first and you owe it to yourself to do your homework.