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Don't Let Your Subscription Skepticism Sully Your Steaks This Summer

Subscription services have been on fire in recent years. You can get a monthly subscription to just about everything. Some of them are great, others aren't so amazing, but people have an inherent aversion to subscription food boxes and we think that needs to be addressed.

Sure, you're used to a certain level of comfort in going to the supermarket or the butcher. Something about being able to engage the senses before making a purchase, especially in the meat department, automatically makes us more comfortable. But, in a 2011 study conducted by the journal for Clinical Infectious Disease, they found that approximately 47%!!(MISSING)!(MISSING)o(MISSING)f the meats found in supermarkets contained staph bacteria. What gives?

We're pretty big advocates for subscription boxes for grass fed beef, free range pork, wild caught Alaskan salmon, and a whole array of specially curated steak and seafood online. To assuage any remaining skepticism, we've got some fabulous reasons why boxes of grass fed beef right to your door are ultimately a better choice.


Depending on the day (or time of day) you can't be sure what the butcher or supermarket will have left. This is a massive hit to the variety and freshness of the cuts you're being offered. With subscription boxes, you aren't picking through already scavenged remains of a supermarket meat section. Pick, click, ship, enjoy.

The Middle Man

The only middle you should be thinking about this summer is the temperature and color of the middle of your steaks. With store-bought beef cuts, you're depending on a middle-man to get those cuts to the market, thus jacking up the price for the extra step in your end product. Ethically sourced grass fed beef is available through farms that distribute online, cutting out the middle-man. We want your money to go toward quality, not the refrigerator truck between meat storage and market shelves.

Trust and Professionalism

From where your meat comes from to what types you'd like to try, online vendors are there every step of the way. Unsure of what you want next? Chat with the professionals, they've got more time and expertise than the kid at the supermarket meat counter. Your curiosity and taste are in their hands and it's honestly the subscription service's livelihood. Ask a question, take a bite, you won't regret it.

This summer (and forever) your grass fed beef should be delivered to your door. Get online, browse, order something new, ask questions, and enjoy the finer things in summertime dining. When that grill's ready to sizzle, think twice before hitting the supermarket. Take a chance, make a change, and break away.

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