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High Steaks Grill Game Requires A Hot Charsenal

Step aside salmon season, it's time for some grass fed steaks. It's grillin' season and we're excited to kick off the hot summer with some knowledge you best have mastered before you overcook something and embarrass yourself.

Sure, Americans eat 90 pounds of chicken every year, but we're not too far behind with the beef. Goals this summer? Up the beef game with unchallengeable grillmastery that'll have you dubbed the hottest tongs in the West. Or East, or anywhere. Here's what you need to know.

Equipment check

Gas heat, woodfire, and coal, it doesn't matter what type of grill you have. You've been out of practice since the winds of winter and so has your grill. Before your free range pork and wagyu beef gets ruined on a grill you haven't touched in nine months, give it a rundown, good cleaning, then get it lit for a test run before you start hosting.

Grass fed beef delivery

Whether it's salmon season, you're picking up some steaks for a party, or just grocery shopping, we know you've been to the supermarket at least a few times when the selection has been disappointing. You can avoid that by getting your steaks delivered to your house. Always fresh, always enough, plus the quality is guaranteed for when you're entertaining. And let's be real, hand-delivered grass fed wagyu beef steaks blow store bought cuts out of the water. Go ahead, treat yourself.

In prep, less is more

Now you're almost ready to get grilling. Here's a piece of advice, especially when getting grass fed beef: less is always more when it comes to preparation and cooking. Leaner meat cooks faster and the flavor is glorious, so be sure you don't eclipse it with excessive seasoning. We've found that at initial grilling, an olive oil rub-down with salt and cracked black pepper make for delightful seasoning that boosts the flavor of fine cuts of beef. Whatever you choose, don't do too much and don't cook too long.

You'll have all summer and into the fall to be grilling steaks, so the season for practice will be long. Making the right choices right out of the gate will ensure the most delicious grill filled summer you could possibly ask for. Now, what are you waiting for, grillmaster? It's time.

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