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How to Create the Perfect Marinade for Wild Caught Salmon

While it may not be grilling season, it's never too cold to serve up some beautifully seared wild caught Alaskan salmon. But before you slap those fresh fillets in a hot pan or on your grill, consider for a moment just how much more delectable they'll be with a delicious marinade on them!

Whether you're a grilling professional or a beginner looking for tips and tricks, a good marinade is key. And if you love all types of salmon from Kings to Coho, you've come to the right place. Here are a few tips that will help you create a truly one-of-a-kind marinade for your wild salmon recipes.

Keep Acidity Low

Meats like grass fed beef and free-range poultry can benefit from an acidic marinade, but the opposite is true for fish. According to “Bon Apetit” associate food editor Rick Martinez, fish has a looser protein structure, which means acid can quickly penetrate and even start cooking your fillets. Martinez recommends adding a pinch of lemon, lime, or grapefruit zest to add that citrus flavor you're looking for without breaking down your fish. Wild salmon may have 32 percent fewer calories than farmed salmon, but there's no fillet of this fish that can really hold up to acidity.

Speed Up Marinating Time

If it's a wet marinade you're considering, keep sitting time down to about an hour or so. Wet marinades tend to incorporate flavor relatively quickly, and as we learned just a moment ago, fish tends to break down a bit easier than meats like free range pork.

Incorporate Sweet and Heat!

It may not do to put acidic elements in your salmon marinade, but a little sweetness and a flash of heat can really do wonders for this fish. If you're looking for a nice liquid sweetener, consider using something like honey, agave, or even maple syrup! Just make sure your maple syrup is the real deal like the one we offer through HarvestBox. Once you've got your sweet, it's time for the heat. According to Martinez, salmon is "crying out" for a little bit of spiciness. He recommends sriracha, cayenne, or red pepper flakes. In addition, make sure you steer clear of any vinegar-based sauces. Don't forget about that acidity!

Different types of salmon may take to your marinade in different ways, but one fact remains the same: incorporating these elements into your salmon marinade recipe is sure to create a showstopper dish.