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Slow-Cooked Wagyu Beef Casserole: Recipe and Cooking Tips

Wagyu beef is at its juiciest and most tender when the fat is melted throughout the meat. Even though Wagyu accounts for a small percent of U.S. beef sales, for now, there are many benefits that come with cooking with Wagyu beef. Besides the health benefits, another major benefit is the taste and how well it cooks. There are a few ways to ensure you make the most out of your meal when you buy wagyu beef online, and we've shared one of our favorite recipes below: slow-cooked Wagyu beef casserole.

But, first, a few tips for cooking with Wagyu steaks and beef:

When you buy Wagyu beef online, it's best cooked medium to medium rare to make sure the fat is fully heated throughout the meat and not overcooked. One pro-tip to ensure you get the most out of your Wagyu beef is to not cook it when it's cold. If you remove the meat from the refrigerator an hour before cooking, the meat will come to room temperature and cook more evenly.

To make sure your beef is cooked to perfection, don’t forget the salt and pepper. While some may choose not to use seasonings after they buy Wagyu beef online, choosing to lightly season with salt and pepper will bring out the intense flavor even more. Of course, you can add other seasonings and spices to taste.

Also, sear the Wagyu beef in a preheated pan for about two minutes on each side. This will help the meat retain its moisture during cooking. In doing this, the meat will result in a nice browned caramelized color too.

Another easy way to ensure your beef is cooked properly is to remove from the pan or grill before it is fully cooked because the meat will continue cooking after removed. It can be hard to get this timing just right and having a meat thermometer on hand is a helpful tool to get the temperature just right.

If you're ready to get cooking, here's a great beginner's recipe for this popular type of beef.

Slow-Cooked Wagyu Beef Casserole

This hearty casserole is not only easy to make, but slow-cooking the meat allows for it to take on a mouthwatering rich texture and flavor. This recipe allows you to throw everything in the pot and simply wait for it to cook. Pro tip: cook the casserole a day in advance -- this will allow the meat to absorb extra juices and it will taste even better.


• 1.5 lb diced Wagyu beef

• 1 tsp salt and pepper

• 4 Tbsp flour

• 3 Tbsp rice bran oil

• ½ cup diced carrot

• ½ cup diced onion

• ½ cup diced celery

• 1 Tbsp grated garlic

• 1 Tbsp tomato paste

• 2 cups red wine

• 1 bayleaf

• 2 tsp chopped thyme

• 1 tsp chopped rosemary

• 4 cups beef stock

• 2-3 sweet potatos

• 2 Tbsp olive oil

• 1 Tbsp sliced fresh chives

• Flaky sea salt

Cooking Instructions:

Begin by seasoning the meat with salt and pepper and then toss through the flour.

In a frying pan, heat the oil until hot. Then cook the meat in batches until it's a nice, browned color. Remove the meat and set aside.

In the same pan, add two more tablespoons of oil. Fry the vegetables, garlic, and tomato paste for about 10 minutes until lightly caramelized.

Increase the heat to high, add the red wine and reduce by half.

Add the beef stock, herbs, and browned meat. After bringing to a boil, cover with a piece of baking paper and tin foil. This will help seal in the flavors. Cover with a lid and bake in the oven at 285 degrees Fahrenheit for 3 hours.

Peel the sweet potato and then cut into large pieces. Bring to a boil in salted water and simmer for 20 minutes. Drain the water and crush the sweet potato with a fork.

After everything is done cooking add the sweet potato, drizzle lightly with olive oil, sprinkle with chives and the flaky sea salt.

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