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Why You Should Beef Up Your Menu With Bison This Summer

We pride ourselves on having diverse tastes, trying new things, and not shying away from the culinary adventures we're not used to. Still, we have our comforts and tend to stick with what's delicious, nutritious, and routinely available. After a while though, how many types of salmon can you cook? How many grass fed steaks can you grill before your mouth is like is this really it?

Before you're tempted to remain on the beaten path and purchase yet another free range pork loin or spend a bunch on wagyu beef, we recommend America's national animal: bison.

We're not saying the other things we've mentioned aren't delicious, but let's wander down the road less traveled and meander into a lesser-known realm of mouth-watering meat.

Green Meat?

Relax, Sam I Am, these aren't green eggs and ham, but bison is wonderful for the environment. They're raised on ranches and they graze for food. They don't come from corporate farms built to churn out fattened cows in bulk. They live, eat, and roam; truly free range. It's better for them, it's better for the earth, and it's better for you.

Wait, better for ME?

Totally better for you. Because of their naturally free range lifestyle, they're not as fatty as farm raised livestock. It's a different taste, but that marbling in beef you see and are used to is all fat. You won't see this is bison, which makes them an ideal lean protein. In fact, the USDA says that bison has higher amounts of protein, iron, and vitamin B-12 than beef, chicken, and pork. Plus, that hint of wild game on the palate really amps up the flavor.

So, what are you waiting for? The evolution of new types of salmon? Bison is roaming the wild around the United States, the original American free range meat. Check out our last post for more essentials on bison, how to prepare it, and things to look out for. That said, it's certainly worth a try this summer. When you're thinking about grilling the same old steaks, remember the road less traveled. We've heard it makes all the difference.

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