Cooking Guide

Chicken and Coleslaw BBQ Sandwiches

Serves 6-8


(3-4) Cups HarvestBox Chicken (breasts, thighs), cooked and shredded

(1) 16 oz Coleslaw Mix (cabbage and/or broccoli combination)

(1) Tbsp Cider Vinegar

(1/4) Cup Red Onion, minced fine

(1) Cup Schaws Sweet & Sassy BBQ Sauce

(6-8) Whole Grain Buns, Pitas, or Wraps


1. In a medium bowl mix coleslaw mix, vinegar, and onion.

2. In another medium bowl mix shredded chicken and BBQ sauce until chicken is coated.  Additional sauce may be needed to coat chicken to taste or served on the side.

3. Serve by placing chicken mixture on bottom half of bun and topping with the coleslaw mix and top bun half.

4. Serve with sides of crunchy apple slices and your favorite crunchy chips for an easy meal.