Cooking Guide

Grilled Wild Salmon with Mustard Glaze

Serves 6, Used with permission from Wild Alaska Salmon and Seafood Company


(6) HarvestBox Wild Salmon Fillets, 6 oz each, bone and skin removed

(1/2) Tsp sea salt

Glaze Ingredients

(4) Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

(1/3) Cup Dry Mustard Powder

(1/2) Cup Honey

(1/4) Tsp Tamari

Water, if needed


1. Prepare a charcoal grill (or gas grill). If using a charcoal grill – when charcoal is hot and has a coat of ash, spread around the coals to create an even heat source.

2. Season the salmon fillets with salt on both sides. Place the fish on the grill and cover with either the grill lid or a stainless steel bowl. Grill for approximately 8-10 minutes without turning.

3. In a small bowl mix the oil, mustard powder, honey and tamari to a thick glaze. If needed, thin just a bit with water to glaze consistency.

4. During the last 3-4 minutes, brush the fish with the glaze. Turn salmon fillets on the grill and replace cover until salmon is finished cooking.

5. Serve each piece with a simple green salad or seasonal grilled vegetable.