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The Thoughtful way to Eat

Chicken Box

Seven Sons Family Farms

When you serve HarvestBox free range chicken for dinner, you can rest assured that you're making a good choice for your family. Our chickens are raised ethically, without the addition of any unnatural hormones or antibiotics to their diet. And, most importantly, our free-range chicken delivers the flavor that our grandparents remember. The succulent meat is sure to be the centerpiece of your next family dinner, no matter how you prepare it.



We've chosen a variety of popular poultry cuts for your family. Our free range chicken bundle allows you to enjoy the whole bird and weighs approximately 31 - 33 pounds. Provides 90 servings of chicken.


14 LBS Chicken Breast, Boneless and Skinless (1 PER PKG)

6 - 7 LBS Chicken Drumsticks (4/PKG)

4 - 5 LBS Chicken Wings (5/PKG)

7 - 8 LBS Chicken Thighs, Bone-In and Skin-on (4/PKG)


What People are Saying


“Oh my gosh! Just received my 3 boxes. They filled my freezer perfectly. No more having to go to the stores for my family! I just love how easy it was, ordered on Saturday her on Tuesday! No lines, no rude people, and just enough meat! Thank you so much! Wished I would have heard of HarvestBox years ago! ”


“My box was waiting for me when I got home from work. The dry ice was gone but the meat was still frozen and looked great.”


“My brother-in-law loved his Steak Box gift. What a great way to gift people who live in a different state.”

Thoughtfully Raised

Seven Sons Family Farms

Seven Sons believes in three core principles: Stewardship, accountability, and personal responsibility. We believe that both farmers and consumers are responsible for being better stewards of the earth. We believe that individuals need to be accountable for learning where their food comes from and for developing a connection with local farmers and food sources. Lastly, we believe in personal responsibility, that everyone should take responsibility for their own health and that of their family by understanding the effects of food on the body and secure sources of healthy foods.


We put our philosophy into practice every day by ethically raising our animals. Our animals are grass-fed and free-range. They are never fed drugs, antibiotics, or GMO's, do not receive growth hormones, steroids, or animal byproducts and are responsibly harvested. 

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Meal Planning

Find out how long your HarvestBox will last based on your family size and learn when you should place your next order.

Consumption Rate

Light Consumption

Moderate Consumption

Staple Diet Consumption

2 Adults

11 Weeks 11 Wks

9 Weeks 9 Wks

7 Weeks 7 Wks

3 Adults

8 Weeks 8 Wks

6 Weeks 6 Wks

5 Weeks 5 Wks

4 Adults

6 Weeks 6 Wks

5 Weeks 5 Wks

3 Weeks 5 Wks

5 Adults

4 Weeks 4 Wks

3 Weeks 3 Wks

2 Weeks 2 Wks

Freezer Space

Do you have enough space for your HarvestBox?

The Chicken Box will take up 1.5 to 2 cubic feet of your freezer.

Based on 10 cubic foot chest freezer and 5 cubic foot standard freezer

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