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Grass-fed Bison Bundle

Looking to buy bison online? Regal Bison Co. raises 100 percent Grass-fed Bison that are naturally tender and flavorful. We've chosen a variety of nutrient dense, lean cuts that are packed with flavor; your family will taste the difference every time you serve it. This larger collection allows you to enjoy bison cuts from the whole animal and weighs approximately 25 pounds. Provides 85 servings of bison.




2 Tenderloin Steaks (Filet Mignon) (1/PKG)

2 Sirloin Steaks (1/PKG)

2 New York Strip Steaks (1/PKG)

2 Sizzler Steaks (1/PKG)

2 Delmonico Steaks (Boneless Ribeye) (1/PKG)


2 Chuck Roasts (1/PKG, AVG 2-3 LB)


15 Ground Bison Patties (3/PKG, 1 LB PKGS)

10 Ground Bison (1 LB PKGS)


What People are Saying


“It was important for me to feel connected with the farmer that raised the meat. The website and printed materials in the box feel personal and made me feel like he raised it just for me.”


“I was expecting a small package. Blown away with the cool packaging and amount of beef. Can’t wait to get grilling Wagyu burgers this weekend.”


“I love the handy inventory list that was in the box. I hung it on my freezer to keep track of what cuts I’ve cooked so far.”

Thoughtfully Raised

Our Story

We are the Blake and Melissa Wever family. We started our ranching journey with an idea to have a few bison for family enjoyment. This quickly progressed into a herd on our farm in Freeport, Michigan. We produce 100 percent grass-fed, holistically raised bison. We have great pride in what we have started and love the memories we are creating on the farm.

Our Philosophy

We strongly believe in the philosophy of raising the animal as God intended it to be raised in its natural growth cycle. In the quest to raise the best bison, we found that raising our bison 100 percent grass-fed is the best for the land, best for our animals, and for the consumer. We want you to enjoy what we raise on our farm, at your table. Your taste buds will thank you.

Our Responsibility

We view our responsibility as caring for the land and soil, which then properly supports our bison herd and a healthy ecosystem.

Our Practices

At Regal Bison Company, our animals are raised with pride and honesty. Each animal is field harvested to insure no added stress is given to the animal. We never use GMO's, any type of antibiotics, or growth hormones. We have the goal to use every portion of the animal so nothing goes to waste. 

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Freezer Space

Do you have enough space for your HarvestBox?

The Grass-fed Bison Bundle will take up 1.5 to 2 cubic feet of your freezer.

Based on 10 cubic foot chest freezer and 5 cubic foot standard freezer

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