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It's The Goodness

Wagyu Beef Box

Golden Tulip Farms

If you’re seeking restaurant quality Wagyu beef steaks online, HarvestBox has you covered. Ask any Foodie, Wagyu beef is the highest quality beef available in the United States. Marked by the distinctive marbling, this Wagyu beef promises a succulent and incomparably rich taste. High in both Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, Wagyu is both healthy and incredibly delicious. Best served just north of raw, you'll become a fan of well-prepared Wagyu.

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We've chosen a variety of Wagyu steak and beef cuts for your family. This bundle allows you to enjoy 11 cuts from the whole animal and weighs approximately 31-32 pounds. Provides 85 servings of Wagyu beef.



2 Petite Tenderloin Steaks (Filet Mignon) (1/PKG)

2 Sirloin Steaks (1/PKG)

2 New York Strip Steaks (1/PKG)

2 Sizzler Steaks (1/PKG)

2 Delmonico Steaks (Boneless Ribeye) (1/PKG)


2 Chuck Roasts (1/PKG, AVG 2-3 LB)

1 Rump Roast (1/PKG, AVG 2-3 LB)


2 Stew Meat (1 LB PKGS)

4 Round Steaks, Tenderized for Swiss Steak (1/PKG)


15 Ground Beef Patties (1 LB PKG, 3 PER PKG)

10 Ground Beef (1 LB PKG)

What People are Saying


“Oh my gosh! Just received my 3 boxes. They filled my freezer perfectly. No more having to go to the stores for my family! I just love how easy it was, ordered on Saturday her on Tuesday! No lines, no rude people, and just enough meat! Thank you so much! Wished I would have heard of HarvestBox years ago! ”


“My box was waiting for me when I got home from work. The dry ice was gone but the meat was still frozen and looked great.”

Thoughtfully Raised

Golden Tulip Farms

Our Story

Meet Roger and Joni Masselink, otherwise known as the farmer and his wife. They are third generation Michigan farmers and have five children. Their grandparents immigrated to the "land of opportunity" from the Netherlands in 1928, bringing with them a long line of farmers tracing back generations. The farmer and his wife cherish their farming heritage and raising quality American Wagyu cattle is a lifestyle they have been taught and believe in. The farmer and his family have embraced their ancestors' roots and strong work ethic to provide you with homegrown, premium American Wagyu beef. With early origins in second century Japan, the Wagyu breed is known for distinctive marbling and extreme tenderness, resulting in a spectacular eating experience. West Michigan foodies can find more of their delicious meats HERE

Our Philosophy

At Golden Tulip Farms, the farmer and his wife are passionate about and committed to being good stewards of their animals, their family, and their farmlands. Golden Tulip Farms creates the elite, wholesome eating experience from their farm to your table.

Our Responsibility

The farmer and his wife ensure quality care for their Wagyu cattle. The animals are cared for in clean, modern barns and also enjoy green pastures and open air spaces.

Our Practices

Calves born at Golden Tulip Farms are hand raised on the family farm from birth to harvest. The farmer and his wife use professional nutritionists to provide a vegetarian diet of all-natural, local forages and grains. Their cattle are never fed animal byproducts or antibiotics and there is no use of steroids or growth hormones. In certain cases to prevent animals from suffering, they do allow therapeutic treatment. The farmer believes that this exception is only practical to ensure wise stewardship practices and ethical treatment to animals.


American Wagyu beef is rich in both Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. Research shows it is higher in mono-saturated fat levels and lower in saturated fat than traditional beef, making it both healthy and delicious.

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Meal Planning

Find out how long your HarvestBox will last based on your family size and learn when you should place your next order.

Consumption Rate

Light Consumption

Moderate Consumption

Staple Diet Consumption

2 Adults

16 Weeks 16 Wks

12 Weeks 12 Wks

8 Weeks 8 Wks

3 Adults

11 Weeks 11 Wks

8 Weeks 8 Wks

6 Weeks 6 Wks

4 Adults

8 Weeks 8 Wks

6 Weeks 6 Wks

4 Weeks 6 Wks

5 Adults

6 Weeks 6 Wks

4 Weeks 4 Wks

3 Weeks 3 Wks

Freezer Space

Do you have enough space for your HarvestBox?

The Wagyu Beef Box will take up 1.5 to 2 cubic feet of your freezer.

Based on 10 cubic foot chest freezer and 5 cubic foot standard freezer

Want to know more about wagyu?

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The taste of Wagyu Beef is something in itself, the fact that it contains healthy fats is just a bonus.

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