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Why Purchase a Harvestbox

Sustainability for our farmers

HarvestBox believes in providing the best tasting and most sustainable food available. In a perfect world, cows would contain endless cuts of steaks; but nature doesn't work that way. Using only a few cuts of beef, pork, or chicken means more of the animal is wasted. This increases corporate farming as the industry strives to keep up with demand for sirloin steak or chicken breasts. At HarvestBox we've chosen meat bundles with a variety of cuts that use whole animal portions. This supports our farm partners in sustainable farming practices while providing your family with healthy choices for a holistic approach to eating. HarvestBox is about doing things better. Better products from better farms, means a better way to eat.


Healthy for your family

In the race to provide "more," many in the food industry have lost sight of the responsibility to feed your family, not just fill your family. This has made it more difficult to find the safest, healthiest options. With HarvestBox, you'll know that the meat you serve for dinner is free from antibiotics, growth hormones, steroids, and animal byproducts and has been fed and raised naturally and humanely. When you eat HarvestBox meats, you can be sure you're nurturing your body with foods that are enhancing your well-being.


Dry aged for ultimate flavor

Our beef and bison is dry aged to maximize flavor. Meats are hand cut to our specifications, vacuum sealed, and flash frozen to capture the maximum flavor, tenderness, and freshness. The meats are then packaged by hand into our selected bundles. The pork, chicken, venison and salmon cuts do not require aging and are also cut by hand and vacuum sealed and frozen to maintain flavor and freshness. We take pride in our aging and packaging, so that when you serve HarvestBox meats, we know you will enjoy the ultimate in taste. Yes, the freezing process is a vital and helpful part of healthy eating that still offers great taste. Unlike grocery store beef, which is often minimally aged without regard to flavor, we take pride in aging to perfection and capturing that flavor to be prepared by you and served at your table.